Why Adult Senior Day Care ?



Adult Day Care is a life senior service for frail, physically or cognitively impaired, seniors and their caregivers.  Generally, family members are the majority care providers for disabled or impaired adults.  This care permits theses adults to stay at home versus placement in a nursing home.  Senior Day Care enables caregivers to :

  •             Retain a job outside of their home.
  •             Have help with the socializing aspects and physical activities.
  •             The time away may be a rejuvenation for your relationship.
  •             Avoid the guilt of putting a parent/loved one in a “home”.
  •             Obtain respite from what can be a 24 hour responsibility.

Daycation will monitor medications, offer meals and physical activities, and a chance to socialize with other seniors.  Thus, Daycation may be a lower cost way of allowing those seniors that require chronic care to stay at home and in their community.

You should consider an Adult Day Care Center when your loved one :

  •            has safety issues when left alone.
  •            seems unable to provide themselves a structure for daily activities.
  •            has extended daily periods of isolation and misses others.

Daycation offers social and physical interactions in a safe & loving environment.


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