Daycation for Seniors

We are YOUR solution for a break in your care giving PLUS socialization for your loved one!

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About Us

We provide an ideal home environment within our day center

Daycation for Seniors™ is a social daycare activity center that provides opportunities for socialization, emotional support, and physical and intellectual stimulation – all of which are of vital importance when caring for those with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and any other physical disabilities.


Our Core Services

Therapeutic Activities

We offer our participants a variety of daily therapeutic and meaningful activities focusing on mind, body, and spirit.

Mental & Physical Stimulation

We keep their brain and body engaged with our daily group chair exercises and group games like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

Social Interaction

The programs at Daycation are designed to promote personal connection to nurture the spirit of well-being.

Games & Music

Staff engages participants to reminisce as well as playing table games, trivia, puzzles, and large motor skill games with them.

Birthday & Holiday Celebrations

We at Daycation enjoy celebrating all holidays and create a special day for participants’ birthdays.

Live Musical Performances

Our variety of daily musicians keep the participants toe tapping, singing, and dancing to songs of the past which connects participants to fond memories.

CNA Care

Our staff of Certified Nurse Assistants enthusiastically encourage participant involvement and are always available to assist those that need personal hygiene care or to encourage eating and fluid intake.

Social Luncheons & Snacks

We make sharing a meal or snack together a fun social time to get to know one another, relate life experiences, and enjoy other’s company.

Comfort Animals

Participants are always enjoying our on-staff pets, or visiting animals, as a result lowering stress and anxiety.

Flexible Times

Enjoy Daycation on your agenda, no need to schedule days attending or drop off and pick up times.

Medication & Dietary

Our highly trained staff can give medication reminders to your loved one and help with some dietary needs.

Caregiver R&R

We take some of the stress out of your day-to-day care. You can rest assured your loved one is in a safe environment, here at Daycation, so you can get the respite you need.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the lives of seniors living with cognitive decline by using meaningful social activities to add joy to their lives and give respite to the caregivers.

What Our Clients Say

Family members sharing about their Daycation for Seniors™ experience and how it has helped their families in so many different ways, for the caregiver and mental, physical and social stimulation for their loved one.

I think Daycation is an amazing place for seniors to enjoy themselves and a great program that is a happy and loving environment for all types of seniors. I would highly recommend checking out Daycation!
Matthew Tibbitts
It was a great first time experience for anything like this for mom. She liked it ! Great staff and great facility. Highly recommend !!! Good for your family member ... good for you, too ! Thank you, for today!
Denise Clemens
Music, pet therapy, socialization, and a bright and cheery atmosphere. Most important the owners genuinely care for the clients! Highly recommended!!


Sean-Rosa Mitchell

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