Paul Kelly & Yvonne Mitchell

Paul Kelly and Yvonne Mitchell are co-owners of Daycation for Seniors™. Both have extensive knowledge in elder care as past owner/administrator of assisted living facilities, Certified Nurse Assistant and Certified Medical Assistant. Through their gained wisdom they came together and created the concept of Daycation for Seniors™ Activity Day Center. Their life mission is to help those with cognitive challenges, such as Alzheimer’s, that are living with their families. We believe “it takes a village” to help with their caregiving and to give the families respite time. Both have a passion for working with seniors, doing enriching activities with them, and stimulating mind and body throughout the day. They embrace in “Carpe Diem”, even if the participants can’t remember exactly what they did for the day, they leave with a great sense of joy. Family and community are very important to Paul and Yvonne. They enjoy spending their free time horse back riding, traveling, and spending time on their ranch in Lincoln with family, grandchildren, and friends.

James Slaughter & Chelsea Slaughter

James and Chelsea are co-owners of Daycation for Seniors™. In addition to owning Daycation, James owns Sierra Ridge Wealth Management an investment firm with their headquarters located in Sacramento, CA. Chelsea holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and works in recruitment. They are active members of their community and enjoy spending time outdoors with their husky Thor.

Nick & Dani Mitchell

Nick and Dani live the American Dream that comes from being self-employed and serving others. Nick is an advisor at HBW Advisory Services and Dani operates a house cleaning business. They enjoy traveling, roping and barrel racing. Having personally experienced the drawbacks of dementia from family members they believed there is a better, and more cost-effective option than traditional home health and convalescent homes. They look forward to Daycation for Seniors™’ bright future in helping an important part of our communities.

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